Whose Eyes are These? (Hardback)

Virginie Gobert-Martin (Author)

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Whose Eyes are These?

Whose Eyes are These?

£15.99 £6.00

Whose Eyes are These?

£15.99 £6.00
This book proposes an unforgettable journey with magnificent illustrations, fun text and engaging animals to be discovered in stunning scenery. Plunge into the colourful sea and join the jellyfish, be in the company of the dizzy hummingbird amongst the beautiful flowers and delve into the woods with the prickly hedgehog. At the beginning of each spread, a pair of mysterious eyes, asks the question, Whose eyes are these? The reader must then guess, which animal it is. After a fun and humorous response, the reader must then find the hidden animal in its natural setting. With beautiful full colour illustrations, highlighted with a bright orange pantone, this gloriously designed book is eye-catching and engaging for readers of all ages.
  • Publisher: Tate Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781849765060
  • Pages: 64
  • Weight: 0.768
Virginie Golbert-Martin and Madeline Peirsman are a fantastic French writer and illustrator pairing based in Paris.

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