Spot's Big Box of Books- 8 Books Collection (Collection)

Eric Hill (Author)

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Spot's Big Box of Books- 8 Books Collection

Spot's Big Box of Books- 8 Books Collection

£39.92 £12.00

Spot's Big Box of Books- 8 Books Collection

£39.92 £12.00
Spot Goes Shopping
Spot is helping his mom shop at the grocery store. He gets to have his very own shopping cart, and helps pick out the cheese, eggs, cereal, and juice.

Spots Toys
Spot's friends each have favorite things they like to do. Tom Alligator flies kites, Steve Monkey climbs trees, and Helen Hippo rides her bike.

Spot Goes to the Fire Station
Spot's visiting Grandpa at the fire station, where he decides he wants to be a fireman too! Grandpa gives him his very own fireman's helmet and they set to work.

Get Well Soon, Spot
Spot isn't feeling well. But with a little help from Mom and his friends, Spot discovers that being ill isn't all bad.

Spot Loves Bedtime
It's time for bed! Spot is ready to snuggle up and go to sleep. But where is Teddy? Join Spot and Mum in their search for Teddy around the house for the perfect bedtime read.

Spot Plays Football
It's a lovely day and Spot and his friends are ready to play football together. Spot and Helen are captains of the red and blue teams, but who will score the most goals?

Spot Goes to the Swimming Pool
Spot is going to the swimming pool with his Mum and his smart new rubber ring. At first he feels a little nervous, but with a bit of support from Mum and friends.

Spots New Friend
Take a vacation with Spot in this board book that celebrates making new friends! When Spot goes on a trip with his family, he worries that he won't have anyone to play with. 
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • ISBN: 9780241425800
  • Pages: 56
  • Weight: 1.56
Eric Hill is the creator of Spot, the world's favorite puppy, who appeared in his first story, Where's Spot? in 1980 and quickly became one of the best-loved pre-school characters of all time. Today Spot's adventures remain incredibly popular and are enjoyed the world over.

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