Pokemon: Alolan Challenge (Paperback)

Jeanette Lane (Author)

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Pokemon: Alolan Challenge

Pokemon: Alolan Challenge

£4.99 £3.00

Pokemon: Alolan Challenge

£4.99 £3.00
It's Island Challenge time on Alola! Ash is determined to pass the test and earn his Z-Crystal. But this is no ordinary Pokemon battle. Can Ash prove his worth against the mighty Kahuna Hala to win the ultimate prize? The challenge is on!
  • Publisher: Orchard Books
  • ISBN: 9781408354742
  • Pages: 112
  • Weight: 0.102
Jeanette Lane grew up in the Midwest, climbing trees and riding horses. In college, she spent a semester in Japan long before Pokémon were on her radar. These days, she lives in Brooklyn, New York, within several blocks of a few Pokémon gyms and Prospect Park, which has full herds of Eevee rambling in the meadow.

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