My Monster Notebook (Hardback)

John Harris (Author)

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My Monster Notebook

My Monster Notebook

£9.95 £3.00

My Monster Notebook

£9.95 £3.00
This book presents creepy creatures and characters from ancient times and is a great giftbook for all fans of monsters and myths aged 8 and over. Purporting to be a school notebook found on the pavement, the pages reveal the stories of such thrilling and little-known creatures as the huge Teumessian Fox (who was turned to stone by Zeus), Echidna (mother of many, many monsters), hundred-headed Briaereus (who was also a handful), and Typhon (who threw mountains around as if they were beanbags). "My Monster Notebook" offers a peek at a bunch of creatures you definitely would not want to run into, brought to vivid life by someone who accidentally dropped his (or her) lovingly put together notebook. Fortunately, we found it!
  • Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780500515709
  • Pages: 44
  • Weight: 0.26
Born in Washington, D.C., John Harris studied at Middlebury College, the University of Virginia, and UC Berkeley. He worked for many years as an editor, first at the Smithsonian and later at the Getty in Los Angeles. His writing has appeared in such magazines as The Atlantic, Harpers, and Esquire, and in such journals as Rattle, Pearl, and Nimrod. He now lives in Savannah, Georgia, with his dachshund, Mavis.

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