Mary in London (Adventures of Mary Plain) (Hardback)

Gwynedd Rae (Author)

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Mary in London (Adventures of Mary Plain)

Mary in London (Adventures of Mary Plain)

£10.95 £3.00

Mary in London (Adventures of Mary Plain)

£10.95 £3.00

Join the wonderfully funny and utterly endearing Mary Plain on her third adventure!

Finding herself on an unexpected 'svisit' to her great friend the Owl Man, Mary takes London by storm! 

She enjoys every second, making friends, and causing Mary scenes wherever she goes. She takes every opportunity to eat as much as she possibly can, especially cream buns and meringues, and even appears in a teatime BBC radio show!

Gwynedd Rae's enchanting Mary Plain stories have an enduring, timeless appeal and Clara Vulliamy's fresh, funny and energetic illustrations introduces Mary Plain and friends to a whole new generation of readers. 

  • Publisher: Eddison Books Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781405281249
  • Pages: 160
  • Weight: 0.409
Welsh author Gwynedd Rae (1892-1977) was the creator of the much-loved Mary Plain series. The first book in the series, Mostly Mary,was published in 1930 and the last, Mary Plain s Whodunnit, was published in 1965. The series includes 14 books about Mary s adventures. They became hugely popular when they were read on BBC Radio Children's Hour during the 1930s.

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