Kid Normal and the Shadow Machine: Kid Normal 3 Paperback (Paperback)

Greg James & Chris Smith (Author)

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Kid Normal and the Shadow Machine: Kid Normal 3 Paperback

Kid Normal and the Shadow Machine: Kid Normal 3 Paperback

£7.99 £5.00

Kid Normal and the Shadow Machine: Kid Normal 3 Paperback

£7.99 £5.00

After a dramatic jailbreak at a top secret prison, the planet's most dangerous supervillains are on the loose!

Luckily Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes are on hand to chase them down. But though they manage to bring in a whole host of baddies, they can't find their nemesis Magpie anywhere.

Little do they know that he is close by, and he's linked up with another old enemy. The super smarmy Nicholas Knox is back! Together, they've developed a dastardly machine that can GIVE people superpowers!

In the wrong hands it has the potential to bring about the end of the world of Heroes as we know it ... and it just happens to be in the wrongest hands of all!

  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
  • ISBN: 9781408898901
  • Pages: 400
  • Weight: 0.321
Greg James is the host of Radio 1's Drivetime show and the Official Chart. He is also a familiar face on TV, and in February he completed his #GREGATHLON - five triathlons in five different cities on five consecutive days - raising over GBP1,000,000 for Sport Relief. In 2014 he won Gold for 'Best Entertainment Show' at the last ever Radio Academy Awards, which arguably makes him the most entertaining radio presenter in perpetuity. Greg has no superpowers. In his spare time he enjoys the idea of having hobbies. But in reality, he's made all of them into work. Chris Smith is an award-winning journalist and radio presenter, most frequently heard as the voice of Radio 1's Newsbeat as well as hosting shows on BBC Radio 5 Live. Chris enjoyed a previous, and glittering, literary career as the winner of the H.E. Bates Short Story Competition 1981 (under 10s section) with his tale Where Are the Brandy Snaps? Chris has no superpowers either. His hobbies include screen printing and self-effacement. Follow Chris Smith on Twitter here. Together on Greg's show and in their weekly podcast, Chris and Greg are responsible for some of radio's most ludicrous games and characters, which genuinely wouldn't make any sense if we tried to explain them here ...

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