How To Be A ... - 4 Books & Badge Collection (Collection)

Jordan Collins (Author)

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How To Be A ... - 4 Books & Badge Collection

How To Be A ... - 4 Books & Badge Collection

£19.96 £5.00

How To Be A ... - 4 Books & Badge Collection

£19.96 £5.00

With iron-on badges for each one, these four books will teach children all about four different lines of work.

Whether they want to learn what policemen do or dream of heading into space, the books are very accessible and explain facts with the help of both photographs and illustrations. There are also books dedicated to fearless firefighters and brilliant doctors.

As well as being full of information about each job, the books feature activities that will further aid learning and help build literacy skills.

  • Publisher: Make Believe Ideas
  • ISBN: 9781785987816
Jordan Collins was born in Chicago in the United States, moved to Australia when they were eight, and currently lives in Sydney. Growing up, Jordan wanted to be many things: doctor, vet, artist, marine biologist - but stuck with 'author' because of their love of reading. Jordan is African-American-Greek-Australian, which means they have dark skin and curly hair.

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