Hello Kitty: Party (Hardback)


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Hello Kitty: Party

Hello Kitty: Party

£12.99 £6.00

Hello Kitty: Party

£12.99 £6.00

Create your perfect party with Hello Kitty. Packed with ideas for baking, crafting and styling, this book contains everything you need for your perfect get-together.

Choose your style of party from tea party to pampering, sass and style to crafting and more. Then bake the perfect food, make the ideal drinks, decorate your venue and style yourself to perfection.

Hello Kitty is the party queen and she s inviting you to share her very special advice. Make sure to say yes when you RSVP!

  • Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books
  • ISBN: 9780007531097
  • Pages: 128
  • Weight: 0.49

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