Genius Inventions (Hardback)

Jack Challoner (Author)

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Genius Inventions

Genius Inventions

£20.00 £7.00

Genius Inventions

£20.00 £7.00

From Alexander Graham Bell's telephone to the Wright Brothers' flying machine, this incredible book focuses on the Inventions That Changed the World.

With stunning illustrations, it looks at the events, people, inspirations and history behind a number of technological and scientific developments and explains their impact on the world and modern civilisation.

It also features timelines that explain the development of each creation and pays homage to some of the other great developments that came before and after.

  • Publisher: Carlton Books
  • ISBN: 9781781779460
  • Pages: 160
Jack Challoner is a former science and math teacher and educator at the London Science Museum. He is the author of more than 40 science and technology books, including DK’s Maker Lab and DK Eyewitness Books: Energy.

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