The Usborne Children's Picture Atlas (Hardback)

Ruth Brocklehurst (Author)

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The Usborne Children's Picture Atlas

The Usborne Children's Picture Atlas

£9.99 £5.00

The Usborne Children's Picture Atlas

£9.99 £5.00

This picture atlas takes young readers on a visual journey around the world, from the hot plains of Africa, to the frozen tundra of the Arctic. Detailed pictorial maps reveal the richness and diversity of human and animal life around the world. Each map shows the countries, their capital cities, most famous landmarks, longest rivers and highest mountains, while picture stories supplement the maps. It provides a simple introduction to maps, world culture and geographical concepts for pre-school children.

  • Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780746047132
  • Pages: 48
  • Weight: 0.88
When she wasn't riding her bike or making things out of loo rolls and scraps of fabric, Ruth spent her childhood reading about detectives and historical figures. She has written and edited countless books for Usborne - some about detectives and historical figures; some about dinosaurs, scientists and astronauts.

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