Pugly - 3 Books Collection (Collection)

Pamela Butchart (Author)

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Pugly - 3 Books Collection

Pugly - 3 Books Collection

£17.97 £6.00

Pugly - 3 Books Collection

£17.97 £6.00

Pugly Bakes a Cake
Pugly is a pug with aspirations and dreams. While his owner is at school, he bakes cakes, builds space rockets and solves crimes. Things never go entirely to plan, though...

Pugly Solves a Crime
When Pugly hears that Big Sal the guinea pig has been GUINEA PIG-NAPPED he knows it's time for him to become a PUG-TECTIVE! Is GLITTERPUFF the fancy poodle, or TINY the dramatic chihuahua behind the crime? Maybe it's Big Sal HIMSELF! Time for Pugly to put on his special DETECTIVE HAT and join forces with Clem the cat to find clues, interview suspects, and have a stake-out with real STEAK. Watch out criminals, Pugly is on the case!

Pugly On Ice
When Pugly straps on his blades of glory, he knows he is the best ice skater EVER! But someone wants the gold medal very badly and they will stop at nothing to get it. Can Pugly pirouette on to the podium, or will he be cut down in his furry prime?

  • Publisher: Nosy Crow
  • ISBN: 9781788008372
Pamela Butchart is a Scottish children's author and high school philosophy teacher. Butchart is best known for her books, The Spy Who Loved School Dinners and My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat, both of which won book awards.

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