Never Work with Animals (Hardback)

Gareth Steel (Author)

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Never Work with Animals

Never Work with Animals

£14.99 £6.00

Never Work with Animals

£14.99 £6.00

Imagine going from neurologist to dermatologist, orthopaedic surgeon to obstetrician, assassin to saviour – all in one day. Welcome to the extraordinary world of veterinary medicine…

In Never Work with Animals, vet Gareth Steel shares the moments of humour, horror and heroism across his 20-year career caring for creatures great and small, from bulls to stick insects.

Thought-provoking, heartwarming and often laugh-out-loud funny, this unforgettable memoir reveals what life is really like for our vets.

  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • ISBN: 9780008466589
  • Pages: 336
  • Weight: 0.44
Gareth Steel was born and grew up in rural Southwest Scotland. As a result of a broken arm during a rugby game and the extra study time it imposed, he did better in his exams than he could possibly have expected.He was accepted into the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Glasgow in 1998 and graduated in 2003. With occasional breaks for trips to the mountains and working abroad, he has worked in veterinary medicine ever since.

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