Mates, Dates and Flirting (Mates Dates) (Paperback)

Cathy Hopkins (Author)

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Mates, Dates and Flirting (Mates Dates)

Mates, Dates and Flirting (Mates Dates)

£5.99 £3.00

Mates, Dates and Flirting (Mates Dates)

£5.99 £3.00
Lucy, Izzie, Nesta and TJ, stars of the 'Mates, Dates' series, are here to show you how to be totally irresistible. Prepare to find out what gets boys interested, how to make the most of yourself, how to send out the right signals, and how to read boys' body language.
  • Publisher: Piccadilly Press
  • ISBN: 9781853409783
  • Pages: 160
  • Weight: 0.174
Cathy Hopkins lives in Bath with her husband, four cats and three sheep. She has had over seventy books published, the most recent for the adult market. They are The Kicking The Bucket List (March 2017) by Harpercollins, Dancing Over The Hill (January 2018) and Blast From the Past (February 2019.) A Vintage Friendship (February 2021) Before writing for adults, Cathy wrote fiction for the teenage market, the most popular being the Mates Dates series, many of which were translated into 34 languages. In her spare time, Cathy loves nothing more than a long walk and pub lunch in the countryside with friends. She loves reading books from all types of genres. Cathy has always been curious about the answers to the big questions like why are we here, where have we come from and where do we go. Not having found a satisfactory answer yet, she has taken up gardening.

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