Animal Story - 6 Books Collection (Collection)

Jill Tomlinson (Author)

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Animal Story - 6 Books Collection

Animal Story - 6 Books Collection

£35.94 £8.00

Animal Story - 6 Books Collection

£35.94 £8.00
Full of heart, Jill Tomlinson's charming animal stories cover important and familiar themes and have many morals for young readers to learn from.
  • Publisher: Dean
  • ISBN: 9780603572968
  • Pages: 624
  • Weight: 0.628
Jill Tomlinson never intended to be a writer. She trained as an opera singer, and then decided to have a family whilst her voice matured. But illness intervened, and she had to find another outlet for her energies. She started on a journalism course, and by the third lesson decided she wanted to write for children. So she did! Jill Tomlinson’s animal stories are much-loved and have been best-selling children’s books for nearly four decades.

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