History of Rock: For Big Fans and Little Punks (Hardback)

Rita Nabais (Author)

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History of Rock: For Big Fans and Little Punks

History of Rock: For Big Fans and Little Punks

£14.99 £6.00

History of Rock: For Big Fans and Little Punks

£14.99 £6.00

What are the greatest rock songs of all time? Who are the most famous musical legends? How can you become a rock star?

From the rip-roaring rock and roll rhythms of the 1950s to the psychedelic anthems of the 21st century, discover the music that has moved our feet, touched our souls and mended broken hearts. Explore musical icons, their incredible stories, their chart-topping hits and the artistic movements influenced by the creative explosion of rock.

Whether you're bonkers for Bowie, obsessed with Otis, mad about Mumford & Sons, passionate about Patti or crazy about Kurt, this is the perfect book for big fans, little punks and anyone who wants to learn what it really takes to be a rock star.
  • Publisher: Wren & Rook
  • ISBN: 9781526362254
  • Pages: 112
  • Weight: 0.92
Rita is a music researcher. She has a Master's degree in English and American Culture and is also a teacher and a publisher. She has written and published chronicles and music critic in various newspapers and music sites to date. Rita completed her Degree in Portuguese and English Teaching in 1998 and completed her Master's degree in English and American Studies, specializing in Inter-Arts Studies (Cinema and Literature) at the University of Lisbon, in 2011. In 2012, she co-founded Edições Escafandro - Publisher where she coordinates and publishes books, but also deals with the revision and organization of texts. In December 2017, she published in Portuguese the first-ever complete and illustrated history of rock music in a children's book fashion: "A História do Rock (para pais fanáticos e filhos com punkada)". The Swedish edition of the book was published in Sweden, in 2018, and the American version will be out in the US, Canada and Mexico by Chicago's Triumph Books, in 2019.

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