Here's One I Made Earlier: Classic Blue Peter Makes (Hardback)

BBC (Author)

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Here's One I Made Earlier: Classic Blue Peter Makes

Here's One I Made Earlier: Classic Blue Peter Makes

£14.99 £3.00

Here's One I Made Earlier: Classic Blue Peter Makes

£14.99 £3.00
"Who would have thought you could create a cat bed from a washing-up bowl, design a doll's house from an old shoe box or make a flower pot from a margarine tub - all on live television!"
Valerie Singleton, Blue Peter presenter 1962-1972

"My ultimate favourite has to be Tracy Island. I loved all the little details, such as the bendable pipe cleaner, palm trees and that it was compatible with the shop bought Thunderbirds toys."
Konnie Huq, Blue Peter presenter, 1997-2008

Blue Peter is the longest-running children's programme in the world. At its peak, before the days of streaming and
social media, it notched up 8 million viewers an episode and received a thousand letters a day. Recently voted the UK's best children's TV programme of all time, it was - and remains - famous for its makes, all of which used inexpensive household items such as cereal boxes and squeezy bottles, as well as the essential sticky-backed plastic and rubber solution glue.

This affectionate celebration of the favourite makes from the show, has facsimiles from the Blue Peter annuals and includes the iconic Advent Crown, made with wire coat hangers, tinsel and candles. A Christmas Door Decoration, made from a polystyrene ceiling tile, some more tinsel and a cake doily. A Luxury Cat Basket, made from a washingup bowl. Plant Pots using old margarine tubs. A Doll's House made from a shoebox (with furniture made from matchboxes). Plus, of course, the instructions for the Blue Peter version of Thunderbirds Tracy Island.
  • Publisher: Kyle Books
  • ISBN: 9780857835130
  • Pages: 144
  • Weight: 0.68

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