Earthquake Disaster Dossiers (Paperback)

Anne Rooney (Author)

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Earthquake Disaster Dossiers

Earthquake Disaster Dossiers

£9.99 £5.00

Earthquake Disaster Dossiers

£9.99 £5.00
What is it like to witness an earthquake? This book looks at the  Haitian and other earthquakes, using first-hand accounts to describe events and people's experiences, providing multiple perspectives from eyewitnesses, survivors, the emergency services, scientists and the media.
  • Publisher: Raintree
  • ISBN: 9781406280340
  • Pages: 56
  • Weight: 0.16
Anne Rooney is a full-time writer living in Cambridge, England. Before becoming a writer, she studied and taught medieval English and French literature at the universities of York and Cambridge. She writes short books for short children, longer books for longer children, and books of any length for adults, without regard to the size of the reader.

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