Don't Tell Him I'm a Mermaid (Paperback)

Laura Kirkpatrick (Author)

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Don't Tell Him I'm a Mermaid

Don't Tell Him I'm a Mermaid

£6.99 £4.00

Don't Tell Him I'm a Mermaid

£6.99 £4.00

Join Molly and her sisters on their second adventure in the funniest (and fishiest) middle-grade mermaid series.

Molly Seabrook wasn’t exactly thrilled to be let in on the family secret – that she’s part-mermaid. (It's very uncool to change into a mermaid whenever you're near water … ESPECIALLY when you live in a seaside town!)

In this second book in the series we rejoin Molly as she navigates the stormy sea of social awkwardness, best friend fallouts and the World's Most Embarrassing Family – all while attempting to hide her (Very Weird) new double identity.

There’s a new family in town and everyone is going crazy for twins Serena and Finn. But they seem to have it in for Molly and her family … Something fishy is going on!

  • Publisher: Egmont
  • ISBN: 9781405296922
  • Pages: 208
  • Weight: 0.15
Laura Kirkpatrick is part-mermaid, part-children's author living in northern England. Her favourite things are white chocolate, beach walks with her puppy, and hiding her tail from prying humans.

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