Astronaut in Training (Paperback)

Cath Ard (Author)

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Astronaut in Training

Astronaut in Training

£6.99 £4.00

Astronaut in Training

£6.99 £4.00
  • Publisher: Kingfisher
  • ISBN: 9780753442685
  • Pages: 48
  • Weight: 0.21
Cath Ard is a writer and editor with over 20 years' experience in children's books, bringing scientific and vocational subject matter to life in an engaging way for toddlers through to tweens. Bianca Austria is a painter, illustrator, and designer. As an avid traveler, she loves to illustrate her experiences through a whimsical lens. Her work visually narrates her curious and wondrous exploration of the world. As a way of expressing her pride and joy of being a Filipina, she particularly enjoys subjects inspired by her own memories of the Philippines.

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