Andrew Brodie Basics - 6 Books Collection (Collection)

Brodie Andrew Findla (Author)

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Andrew Brodie Basics - 6 Books Collection

Andrew Brodie Basics - 6 Books Collection

£23.94 £7.00

Andrew Brodie Basics - 6 Books Collection

£23.94 £7.00
Andrew Brodie is a trusted name when it comes to learning, and these curriculum-based activity books will help children get to grips with both maths and English in a refreshing style that makes learning fun! Aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils, the maths books in this collection include Maths 5-6, which features work on counting, time and shape as well as early addition and subtraction; Problem Solving 5-6 which will help them count accurately and get their heads around fractions, money, shape and time; and Times Tables 5-6 which covers counting in twos, fives and tens. The English books, also relevant to Key Stage 1, will help children learn all about literacy. As they widen their vocabulary and learn more spellings, Punctuation 5-6 will help children write in clear, well-punctuated sentences and teach them about full stops and capital letters. Spelling 5-6 features works on letters and the sounds they represent; while Writing 5-6 explores words in context. Titles in this collection (6) Maths Problem Solving Times Tables Vocabulary and Writing Punctuation Spelling
  • Publisher: Andrew Brodie
  • ISBN: 9781472915658
  • Weight: 0.79

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